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EvM Steel A8

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EvM Steel A8

Engineers Vs. Medics

Requires no plugins
ZFV VScript by Lizard of Oz
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. A8

    -multiple Busters can now spawn in at once -decreased time limit from 6 minutes to 5 -zombies now spawn with skeleton model during waiting for players period -increased Buster stun radius, as well as stun and piss duration -modified volume of...
  2. A7

    -lowered volume of Dispensers and Teleporters -swapped roles of RED and BLU -Busters now use the default skeleton model -opened up window to Sniper room near RED spawn -opened up areas around zones B and E -updated tutorial text -added more...
  3. A6

    -added Busters, special variants of Zombies that coat Engineers in piss and stun them, can spawn halfway through a round -adjusted Zombie attributes (health, jump height, damage, etc) -adjusted timer from 7 minutes to 6 -gave horsemann friend