Evergrowth a5

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-Destroyed and recreated the entire map again: judgement day edition

-Map is now 3 CP Gravel Pit-style attack/defend

-All dev textures are now properly angled! (Or are they?)


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-First courtyard buildings have been modified:

-Rightmost path has been changed to a building to discourage soldiers/demos from automatically picking this route, and to block sightlines

-Middle route exit to second courtyard has been raised to make this route more viable, and leftmost route exit has been lowered to discourage non soldiers/demos from automatically picking this route because of height advantage (essentially reverting to a2)
-Angled ground in first and second courtyards and adjusted building elevations to prepare for displacements

-Right battlements platform has been expanded, and a building with health/ammo has been added in this area

-Adjusted barriers around leftmost entrance to mid in order to block sightlines

-Slightly reduced and changed scaling around mid

-Changed cliff geometry around mid

-More direction signs have been added
-The main focus of this update was to rework mid, as well as the routes to mid, significantly:

-Center platform has been enlarged and raised in order to provide height advantage and block sightlines

-Space around the point has been increased considerably to make flanking more challenging, and hopefully to make mid less of a claustrophobic death sentence to be in

-Routes up to mid have been entirely reworked, for the most part: most notably being a new "cave" flank that goes to the right of the point​

-Announcer now counts down from 5 when the point is unlocked

-Cap time has been reduced from 12 to 6

-Relocated and adjusted health/ammo kits

-Dev textures are still upside down I think

-Numerous small adjustments and changes

-Everything is generally much worse, please avoid
-Destroyed the entire map

-Remade the entire map

-Map should now be more properly scaled

-Due to popular demand, horrifying checkerboarded monstrosities surrounding the map have been replaced by some trees

-Map is now KOTH
-Packed missing content