Eturnius A2

A map bout Eternal mapping

  1. Now with 600% less suck!

    Welp, A2!

    Major additions

    - Added a brand new flank route that will take players to 2 areas of the enemy base!
    - Remade the Mid building, breaking sightlines and adding height variation
    - Remade last, adding much needed room, and 2 places to escape the pit
    - Add Dynamic elements in the map in the form of doors that close the Flank off until Mid is capped by a team. Once these doors are open, they will stay open until the end of the round
    - Added health and ammo kits
    - Added respawn room entities

    Minor Additions

    - Added a game_text_tf to tell people that the flanks are open when Mid is capped
    - Added a detail area to the back of the mid building
    - Broke sightlines at Mid
    - Broke sightlines at last
    - Changed color of lights in the mid building from puke yellow to white with a tinge of yellow

    Other things

    - Broke the cap hud layout, though it doesn't affect the game
    - Removed an env_sun due to it not being on, and me making a binary star system on accident
    - func_detailed a few things

    So, A2! A great release on a now somewhat decent map!
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