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Etti rc1

A unique blend of 5cp and combat, focusing on the balanced and well-loved gameplay of Valve Maps.

Hello again Grape Industries fans!

Today I, LordGrape, C.E.O. of Grape Industries have brought to you a collaboration of the Grape Industries team and a new mapper called Mr. Juan Deagle.

I hope you guys will enjoy the fresh creativity of some new blood and hope you will give a warm welcome of Mr. Juan Deagle to the Grape Industries mapping team!!

Mr. Juan Deagle has designed from the ground up this unique piece of art that you guys will soon be immersed in, and the rest of the Grape Industries team made it happen.

Inside you will see five capture points, together in such a way that makes the gameplay perfectly balanced towards both teams. Enjoy!

C.E.O. of Grape Industries


the Grape Industries Mapping Team
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