Estate b6

a CSF map by MangyCarface

  1. MangyCarface
    CTF Estate (aka mangy's frankenmap)

    Estate is a bilaterally symmetrical CTF map fought out on one of the many properties the Mann brothers were forced to evenly split between each other. Unlike standard ctf maps, every time an enemy's flag is captured, the flag moves back along one of 4 points and with it that enemy's capture zone. Once a team has captured the flag at all 4 locations, that team wins the round. (Note: after the CTF version has been completed, a 5CP version will be released as well.)

    Estate was constructed out of some of my favorite parts of my maps, with the exclusion of Yukon and Frontier.

    Credit to:
    ABS and penguin for bug help
    Acumen and Spud for models
    Void for some material work
    Icarus for the excellent HUD icons


    1. ctf_estate_b60000.jpg
    2. ctf_estate_b60002.jpg
    3. ctf_estate_b60003.jpg
    4. ctf_estate_b60005.jpg
    5. ctf_estate_b60006.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. tyler
    Version: b6
    This map's aesthetic design was a huge influence on me. It showed me that you can combine the textures in TF2 in weird ways to create really cohesive locales that you'd never expect otherwise. The gameplay is inventive too: it's a rethinking of CTF with moving flag locations. Just another MangyCarface map with innovation out the ears.