Multi Stage Escalation a9

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  • Slight adjustment to nobuilds
  • Put the old route back in
  • Slightly adjusted spawntimes
  • Testing out a route blocker, seeing how it plays without it
  • Minor detail tweaks
  • Changed the speed of the carts during overtime
  • Removed some bushes that were blocking LOS
  • Changed a medium healthpack near last to a small
  • Slight changes to a route leading to last
  • Moved some rocks around to try open up some areas a bit more
  • Changed a flank route slightly
  • Spawntime changes
  • Textures and small details added
  • Fixed the issue where carts weren't moving in overtime
  • Fixed some clipping issues
  • Fixed some collision issues
  • Testing a dynamic spawn timer
  • Minor tweaks
  • Clipping fixes
  • Changed the timer's max time
  • Changed spawntimes
  • Removed the barrier in the cart's starting area
  • Nobuilds added to bushes
  • Minor tweaks

  • Changed a spawn door to be windowed
  • Moved some exit doors around
  • Filled in some stairs to avoid confusion if you can get under them or not
  • Changed a bit in the area transfering from mid to last