Encounter a1a3

A moonbase-based space map!

    Redmond and Blutarch both go to the moon, and crash land in a crater. The reds take over the mining area, while the blues capture the robots. Now the Blus want the plant. Fight to see who gets what

    remember this is a1a2

    Special thanks to my friend Archon who helped me all the way, and even made a feed back video


    1. cp_encounter_a1a20000.jpg
    2. cp_encounter_a1a20001.jpg
    3. cp_encounter_a1a20002.jpg
    4. cp_encounter_a1a20003.jpg
    5. cp_encounter_a1a20004.jpg
    6. cp_encounter_a1a20005.jpg
    7. cp_encounter_a1a20006.jpg
    8. cp_encounter_a1a20007.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Encounter with lighting!!!