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Random legacy update because I miss this map

- Blocked off boat shack
- Expanded staging area
- Changed routes into Bar, now entering though staging area
- Changed shipping containers
- Removed windows into garage
- Changed granary conveyor support
- Changed Blu spawn doors

- Removed annoying lamposts
- Blocked off Tram station route
- Removed clutter
- Added staircase from coastline to Blu's staging area
- Added staircase from coastline to Red's shack
- Changed right choke
- Changed coast shack

- Added Abp bodypillow to parrot
This update is mostly just me messing around with some small ideas. Just updating an old map, you know
  • Blocked off the route between tram station and top B entrance
  • Removed lighthouse at B
  • Swapped ammo pack in A Garage
  • Removed tree at Alley and window in Garage
  • Removed lamp post
Didnt really know what to do so here is patch note lol

A point:
- Removed sniper OP spot near containers and concrete ramp
- Added some cover on the balcony
- Fixed door trims (Thx FloofCollie)
- Changed BLU forward spawn, no more U-turns
- Added nav sign near BLU forward spawn
- Some brush fixes

B point:
- Changed left BLU flank
- Removed no-build zones in some areas
- Changed RED spawn exit
So, in the previous test BLU didnt really have any good lobby. I decided to change few things a bit, so here is new connectors and blu lobby
20200110224122_1.jpg 20200110224146_1.jpg

More space and less boring!

I also decided to change B point a bit again. I remade right BLU flank, so now its less covered by snipers! Overall, B became less tightly.

Here is patch note for other things:

- Removed Badger kill trigger
- Improved visibility on B (removed few pennants)
- Fixed gap at the spawn yard at right flank where you can shoot through
I am not Chin but lets make a proper changelog this time around

Change Log:

In the previous version I decided to remake B area and its connectors from the ground. Now, instead of beach side area and some lighthouse we some New Orleans styled Cafe and square (with pennants & stuff). Yes, I finally decided to go for New Orleans theme.

New B:

In the previous test I got comments about how B is cramped now (thanks Nesman), so I decided to push back "French Restourant" (the house infront of point) a bit and increase its balcony area. Also added few lights and clipping there as well. I thought its not enough, so I removed few props and increased the lenght of the small shack near B. I named it "Ice cream", so you got new call outs now.

I also forgot to add few patches under pickups, so I added them. As well as added a proper borderline near beach at B.

ah, and yeah, new Blu spawn and connectors:
cp_emilnewthing_a16a0003.png cp_emilnewthing_a16a0004.png
And gameplay change I would like to state:

- Increased RED team respawn wave time: 7 --> 8
- Moved RED respawn entities further back to the room
Bring back a14b cus of B2B rules
- Changed spawn time for RED team from 12 to 14 seconds after capping A
- small fixes

- Small changes at B
- Added optimization


- Detailing at B
Changed few things on B
fixed things