Emilambda a5b

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Tweaked B point a little
fixed clipping
gave slight advantange attacking C from B
did a bit of trolling
  • Redid C lobby from B side
  • Added window and additional flank near the BC shutter door
  • Added small room on B with windows
  • Tweaked cover on B
  • Reworked B point
  • Reworked B->C route
  • Misc. and QoL changes
  • Reworked A-C routes
  • Elevated the entire C area
  • Pushed A spawns back, added a little lobby inbetween
  • Closed left route on B
  • Added more signs
  • Changed side room on C
  • Changed glass texture on B
  • Changed fog
  • Removed shadow from rocket prop on C
  • Improved B gameplay
  • Added signs everywhere
  • detailed C a little