Asym2 Ember a6

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- Started detailing parts of the map
- Added a path for red into the blue opening area upstairs.
- Sealed off low flank on last
- Added stair to upper flank on last
- Blocked off main sniper nest on last
- Minor details


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- Added connector from A to B
- added displacements
-some other minor details
pushing the latest build for some quick testing.

Change log:

- Reconfigured point D.
- Moved point C farther into the courtyard.
- Edited Reds third spawnroom and moved resupply cabinet to more convenient place.
- Added a small window room and window above the far platform on point B, it's accessible from the bridge room.
- Moved point A slightly out of the A building.
- Pushed Blue spawn back a bit.
- Overhauled building geometry and roofs.
- Some other minor details and stuff you won't care about and I can't remember.





Recompiled with proper clipping.
Changle log:

- almost completely remade point C
- switched to a sawmill/nightfall style, dark alpine theme
- added some geometry to the roofs
- raised skybox to accommodate these roofs
- removed cliff flank at B
- added a forward spawn for red for point C
Change log.

+ added building in blue staging area.
+ added fence in blue staging area.
- removed connector from blue staging area to A building.
- removed connect from A building flank to A>B courtyard.
- removed connector from A>B courtyard to B courtyard.
= changed ramp from D to C>D building into a drop down.
= raised skybox 64 units.
= slightly edited raised platform across from B point.
+ added trigger_teleport to red secondary spawn (red won't get stuck in their secondary spawn anymore).