Embankment A3

"All services are suspended due to mercenaries on the line..."

  1. Mattie
    A King of the Hill map set in central London, with the teams fighting over control of an Underground line. My third attempt at a TF2 map set in the British capital, but now with a layout and aesthetic I’m finally happy with. Features lots of UK-themed assets which will eventually see a release in the London content pack, for which this map will hopefully act as something of a showcase (as Hardhat, Suijin and Shoreleave were to their respective content packs).

    Credits to Cytosolic, FGD5 and zisa for the custom models used in the map so far.
    koth_embankment_a30046.jpg koth_embankment_a30045.jpg koth_embankment_a30050.jpg koth_embankment_a30052.jpg koth_embankment_a30053.jpg koth_embankment_a30047.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Updated to A3
  2. Updated to A2