Edited Nav Mesh Collection #4 - Payload

Edited Nav Mesh Collection #4 - Payload r10

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Hey everyone! An update is out for the pack today.

- Added pl_deadwood, by @Open Blade.
- Added pl_goldrush_pro_b5, by @Boonie.
- Added pl_hadnhaz_a4a, by @Hyperion.
- Added pl_vigil_rc9, by @theatreTECHIE.
Hey everyone! A minor update is out for the pack today.

- Updated pl_emerge_rc2, by @Muddy.
Hey everyone! An update to the pack is out today.

- Added pl_crag_event_d, by @Leminnes.
- Added pl_pier, by @Blade x64.
- Added pl_upward_night, by @ABpriceHI45.
Updated the Rumford navigation mesh to fix BLU bots getting stuck in their first forward spawn.
Hey everyone! A New update is available.
- Added pl_fifthcurve_rc1, by @ics.
- Added pl_halfacre, by @YM.
- Added pl_ququmannz_b5, by @YM.
- Added pl_stranded_rc7, by @ics.
"Kept ya waiting, huh?" (There's a new update available)
- Added pl_rumford_rc1 by @nesman
- Added pl_mesaworks_rc3 by @Flower_Shop_Guy
- Added pl_borneo by @heyo
Hey everyone! Minor update for the pack today.:

- Added pl_ampage_a2.
Hey everyone! Update for the pack today:

- added pl_snowycoast
- added pl_vesper_b4
Hey everyone! Update to the pack today:

- added pl_effigy_rc2.
- added pl_highwood_b19.
- added pl_rumble_rc1.
- [LEGACY] added pl_badcoastbarnward_a3.