Dynamic Storm Prefab

Dynamic Storm Prefab V1

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Dynamic Storm Prefab V1

Hard Rain Storm in TF2

This recreates the Hard Rain storm in TF2 with a prefab library. There are comments and notes in the VMF that explain things. If you need help, feel free to ask.

Included in this download:
1. sdk_stormlogic VMF
2. Particle Manifest
3. Soundscape Script

Example Maps:
Hard Rain: Sugarmill Escape
Granary Storm

This prefab uses:
TF2Maps Swamp Pack
Yrrzy's Modular Weather Particles
Left 4 Dead 2 Sounds
tools/sugarmill_rainy_fog01 for skysphere fog (from my Github)

For convenience, you may want to add a Disabled field for env_soundscape_proxy as it is used extensively in this prefab. You can use the following code in your fgd. Further information on the VDC: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/.fgd

@PointClass base(Targetname,Parentname) sphere() size(-1 -1 -64, 1 1 -8) sidelist() iconsprite("editor/env_soundscape.vmt") = env_soundscape_proxy : "An entity that acts like a soundscape but gets all of its sound parameters from another env_soundscape entity." [ MainSoundscapeName(target_destination) : "Soundscape Entity" : "" : "The soundscape to get all sound parameters from." radius(integer) : "Radius" : 128 // NEEDHELP: The datadesc doesn't include this entry. Probably not used. StartDisabled(choices) : "Start Disabled" : 0 = [ 0 : "No" 1 : "Yes" ] ]
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