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Dynamic Chalkboard Assets and B Door 1.0

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Dynamic Chalkboard Assets and B Door 1.0

For all your dynamic chalkboard and doors-locked-until-B needs!

This includes all of the custom textures for cp_reactor_a10, as well as the chalkboard textures from cp_steel. To install, merge the contents of the included materials folder into your Team Fortress 2/tf/materials folder.

Version: 1.0

Up to date with a10 of cp_reactor.

Most of the chalkboard signs and textures are already included in the game, but they do not show up in hammer. I take no credit for such textures, I simply have included them here so they will be visible in hammer. They can be found my searching "blackboard" in the texture browser. You will have to pack them as custom content if they are used.

metaldoor02b_entrysign is a modified version of a texture made by EArkham, edited by 14bit. Modified, used, and distributed with permission.

chalkhazard, chalkhazard_fade, chalkhazard_arrow, arrow_double, and arrow_shorter created by 14bit.

Do not redistribute except when used in and packed into a custom map. If being packed into a custom map, please give credit to the original authors.
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