Dust 2015-09-02

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Dust 2015-09-02

Counter Strike's classic map Dust ported to TF2 (Author: endyss)


Some others may have tried porting the classic CS map de_dust by David Johnston, to TFC and others. This is the definitive Team Fortress 2 rendition, given new life and unique personality in the TF2 universe. Originally coming from Counter-Strike, Dust makes the most sense as an Arena Mode map.

Being an entirely ground-based game, CS never had to worry much about the vertical axis. Now you can jump onto buildings, even sticky-jump across huge swaths of the map, if that's something you want to spend the health on! If you do get onto the roof, you'll find that the central building has a few holes in the top to allow light in (and whatever else an enterprising Soldier or Demoman might want to drop). Adding TF-themed architecture to the map has also created new nooks and crannies to fight from, and the narrow choke points from the original will be perfect for camping pyros.

I would love any feedback from anyone playing this map! I think it's a blast to play on, but I'm always looking to make it better, so please let me know what you think.
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