Medieval Dungeoneer a4

Note: there's no actual dungeon

  1. A4

    -A and B's capture area has been made smaller
    -Cap time for A and B changed from 12 seconds to 14 seconds
    -Respawn times have been adjusted: BLU 8 seconds and RED 6 seconds, after A or B cap both teams times changed to 7 seconds and after A and B are capped BLU team changed to 6 seconds and RED's to 8 seconds
    (This is still something I'm unsure about)

    -B route leading out of RED spawn as been altered with cover and an added dropdown
    -Fire in RED spawn now hurts and campfire added to BLU...
  2. A3 changes: Overhaul

    -A Point has been reworked
    -B Point has been reworked
    -C point has been reworked
    -Removed the lava pit and replaced it with a building; which still connects A and B but now has two drop-downs
    -Changed the health and ammo kits by A and B
    -Added more clouds
  3. A2 changes

    -Fixed broken textures
    -Adjusted lighting and fog
    -Lowered capture time for C point from 20 seconds to 16 seconds (I still want to test with a larger player count)
    -Removed props near B point
    -Changed a wall near A point
    -Moved blue spawn door out of a sniper sightline
    -Opened the lava pit up a bit more
    -More mist


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