72hr Ducky Sorter! 2017-02-12

A simple game about sorting RED and BLU duckies

  1. Kikouille Master
    This is my entry for the 2017 Winter 72hour TF2Jam!
    It's not very original, but I found out about the jam on sunday afternoon, and had not much time to work on the game.

    Ducks fall from the top of the screen, orient the paddle with your mouse/keyboard to move the ducks to the right side!

    I will try to make a web build so that you don't have to download anything, but it seems Unity has some trouble with those...

    DuckyScreenshot1.png DuckyScreenshot2.png

    DuckyScreenshot3.png DuckyScreenshot4.png

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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2017-02-12
    nice one!