Drunk wizards [SFM poster] 2017-08-05

SFM poster for the 72 hrs

  1. Veliass
    This is my entry for the 72 hours JAM.

    Story behind this:

    -Hard work of 2 hours for the SFM itself (without counting photoshop)
    -3 hours of Photoshop
    -used the rule of thirds

    When i tried to find ideas I played some helltower and got the idea by seeing a dual spell event, that's how i got it.

    If you still didn't get it, it's a dual...

    I hope you like it !

    good luck to all !


    1. magic !!.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2017-08-05
    wow its just wow.
    the ligthing is dynamic
    the amount of work is awesome
    the particles seem almost nearly impossible to do.
    one question how did you manage to do it?
    1. Veliass
      Author's Response
      First, thanks,

      So i manage to do this with photoshop and the paintbrush+fingertool
      and the flame tool in the same software.
      But it's hard to tell you exectly how i did it.