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Mostly just updating to fix the whole metadata issue, but I did manage to fix a few spy-based bugs.

*The spy-tank no longer drops a Mannpower power-up if killed too fast. Unfortunately, this fix breaks the mod's compatibility with Mannpower mode in general, but who the heck was planning to make a Mannpower map with tanks in the first place? It would be silly. Mannpower maps will still run fine on a server using the mod, as long as those maps don't have bumper cars in them.

*Fixed the spy-tank's colors getting messed up when it turns invisible.
Spy now has a brand-new tank! It doesn't fire anything, but it has the plague ability from Mannpower mode when the player is above 200 HP.
The other feature of the spy tank is that it can turn invisible! It's bound to the player's normal cloak/decloak button, and uses their normal cloak meter. Note that this is not complete invisibility, as the particle effects from the plague ability will still show up. Still, it's useful when trying to get near enough to enemies that you can infect them!

Additionally, Demoman's tank now has 45% damage resistance against ranged attacks, and Heavy's tank now has 45% damage resistance when above 2000 HP.

Spy tank bugs:
There's currently a bug where insta-death will cause the powerup to drop, so fixing that's first on my to-do list.
Cloaking with the spy tank screws up the color of the model, making it really dark.
Two new class tanks complete!

Engineer Tank: It has a sentry gun on it. Just drive the sentry gun into enemies and watch the carnage.

Medic Tank: Has a tiny, crappy syringe cannon. But, the tank also heals nearby allies + gives them ammo, and it repairs itself over time!

Bug fix: tanks controlled by red players are now red, not green.

So now spy's the only one I don't have anything for. After I've got something for him, I'll finish up balancing/polishing all the tanks into something more presentable. There're probably some bugs that need ironing out as well, though it's just visual stuff. That might not all happen before the jam is up, but I'm hoping to at least get all 9 classes their own tank before the clock hits 0.
Another new version:

*Fixed hundreds of random numbers being spammed in server console.
*Slightly improved issues with reversing in a tank.
*Balanced Sniper's tank's damage a bit.
*Gave Heavy's tank a minigun-style weapon (still uses placeholder lasers).
*Scout's tank now features a flak cannon (it just shoots a burst of like 30 syringes). Very low accuracy at even medium ranges, but combined with the scout-tank's speed and dash ability, it can be very deadly.
*Demoman's tank now does 2.5x more damage than normal when you dash into someone with it. This means you can kill most classes instantly by charging into them with the tank.
*Demoman's tank is now slightly slower than average when not dashing.
So now everyone has a fully-equipped tank except for Engy, Medic, and Spy. I've got plans for Engy and Medic, but I've still not quite decided what Spy's tank will do. If anyone has suggestions, let me know!
New Version! Here's the deets:
Tanks now have a limit to how fast they can move. Turning currently has no limit.

Class tank changes:
*Soldier's rocket tank now works as intended.
*Pyro also now fires a projectile from his tank. It exlodes and lights people on fire.
*Sniper's tank can shoot lasers (placeholder for bullets). This attack does more damage at long range, but the sniper-tank can also use alt-fire to drop Jarate on enemies that get too close.
*Scout's tank moves faster than the others, and Heavy's tank moves slower than the others. Spy and Pyro move slightly faster than average.
*Demoman and Scout both have a charge attack on alt-fire, which can bypass speed restrictions. Scout can cause the tank to jump by hitting the jump key.

Known issues with this version:
*Tank models sometimes spawn sideways.
*Getting in a tank while the server is waiting for players screws everything up.
*While in a tank, moving backwards doesn't work quite right. Even using the back key to slow down has a very delayed response.
Fixed player deaths not deleting entities properly, made logic_relay that triggers when a tank is destroyed, fixed a bug involving map resets and player disconnects that caused entities to be deleted randomly.