Drawn Out Meme Picture Colored In Using Markers 2017-02-13

My 72 hour entry, that is most likely going to be considered, low effort :(.

  1. Bean Bean Mr. Clean
    My 72 Hour Jimi Jam 2017 entry. My first entry was going to be a map, which has failed miserably, so I then decided to recreate a weapon concept, but it became too convoluted. I then thought "Hey, maybe it would be a good idea to draw a picture of the Team Fortress 2 classes, then explain this entire line of events in the description of the image!". Oh, and also use my iPhone, which makes it look even more low effort. It might also be sadistic that I put a days worth of work onto the map, a few hours onto the weapon concept, and then half a day on the final product. Welp, nothing else to say