Drainpipe A16

A King of the Hill map; my first map for TF2.

  1. shark
    The development of koth_drainpipe has been my first full dive into Hammer and TF2 mapping. The map is being developed with Highlander in mind, as that is the format I play the most, but I hope to be able to balance it for most competitive play if possible.

    NOTE: everything is still early in development and is subject to change, subtly or drastically.

    Additional Credits:
    - New concrete textures by SnickerPuffs
    - Whiter BLU computer walls by AlexCookie
    - RED corporate logo by Void
    - Additional signs by Ravidge


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Recent Updates

  1. Update to Version A16
  2. *FIXED* Version A15b
  3. Update to Version A15b