Drainage B1

A CTF map set in a waste drainage facility.

  1. JViktor
    20180727152413_1.jpg 20180727152413_1.jpg The first map I ever finished.
    A CTF map set in a waste drainage facility.
    Be careful around the waste water, because it will damage you.
    Also use the pipe system to your advantage... when you fall on the water, get close to the sewer grates, because they act as teleporters that get you out of the water.

    Custom content used:
    -'Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack' by A Boojum Snark
    -'Map Start-up Prefab' by Fr0z3n
    -'Frontile Asset Pack'
    -'Construction Asset Pack'
    -'Swamp Asset Pack'
    -'Hi-res Hazard stripe texture' by AsG_Alligator

    Also, special thanks to UEAK Crash and 3kliksphilip for their amazing tutorials on map making.


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