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Drag rc1

By Tyker

  1. Tyker

    A gravelpit style map with a swamp theme.

    Now in beta flavour. And 50% less filesize!

    The purpose of this map is for me to learn. Layouts, design, modelling, texturing, the source engine, how to handle feedback, how to implement feedback, how to plan, etc. While learning though, I also wish to creating something that people will like to play and like to look at. Fun times and good looks are what I strive for, and any and all feedback is always welcome!

    Special thanks to:
    Irish Taxi Driver
    The Swamp pack team
    2fort2furious for massive testing!


    1. cp_drag_rc10024.jpg
    2. cp_drag_rc10025.jpg
    3. cp_drag_rc10026.jpg
    4. cp_drag_rc10029.jpg
    5. cp_drag_rc10032.jpg
    6. cp_drag_rc10033.jpg