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Drag-n-drop repack/unpack batch files the new version

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Drag-n-drop repack/unpack batch files the new version

Simple repacking/unpacking tools.

That's really it. This is intended for new users, or users unfamiliar with repacking/unpacking. People with more experience in mapping already have a tool like this, or do it in-game.

To provide a short explanation: these two tools provide a quick and easy way to either compress (repack) or decompress (unpack) a map. With the Gun Mettle update, Valve provided mappers with a tool that allows map file sizes to come down significantly (see a way more detailed explanation here, made by Geit.


Because reasons, Valve decided to call their compression method "repacking", which is very similar to something you might already know called "packing". To clarify, repacking is the method of making your map's bsp file size smaller. Packing means taking custom assets not found in a stock install of TF2 and putting them in the bsp so others won't see red ERROR signs/have missing materials. Don't get the two confused. The batch files you see here DO NOT pack custom content in your map (look up VIDE or CompilePal for that). These batch files DO compress/decompress your map.


bsprepack.bat : repacks your map.
bspunpack.bat : unpacks your map.
A readme file.
A picture of some golden retriever puppies to look at while your map is being repacked.


YM for providing the code in the Repacking your maps thread.
Vel0city for putting the thing together, writing the readme, searching for a photo with puppies (which is harder than you think because PUPPIES).
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