dr_coldlava b3

Sometimes you just ask: "Why's there a lava in a cold mountain?",Why cows are attacking?" Here's why

  1. BIG UPDATE! Minigame, Intsant win, a new trap and some fixes!

    I added a lots of new thigns and still planning to add more! :)
    -A new trap: Get crushed by a giant metal wall! If you have strong enough bones you may not ending in bloody pieces.
    -Duel minigame! So you think you can beat your enemy? Why not fight him in an arena and see who wins?!
    -Instant win! Are you being tired capturing a control point to win? Good news you now just need to go inside a magic door which grant you the hardly (or easily) deserved win!
    -Fixed some models/textures
    -Fixed the radius of the explosions traps.
    -Fixed one of the smasher traps which didn't killed you before the update (you were lucky, eh?)

    I'm planning more minigames and a few more traps! Stay tuned! :D
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