DR_Bank 13

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1) Fixed the missing texture on trees in spawn during Full Moon / Halloween.
2) Fixed a snow brush showing at all times.
3) Reduced the volume of the main alarm by 20%.
4) Reduced the time until the main alarm goes silent from 90 seconds to 60.
5) Made 3 of the 4 alarm bells breakable. Breaking these alarms will immediately stop the alarm from sounding at that location. Only the bell outside is unchanged as all players who might have been able to break the bell, get killed by the AFK sentries.
6) Fixed Spies players being able to hide in spawn if a Spy has disabled the Sentries with a sapper / RTR.
7) Made the falling snow more visible.
8) Added rain on Halloween and Full Moons.
9) Added ghost bank tellers for Halloween and Full Moons.
10) Increased the health of the breakable door from 40hp per player, to 50hp per player, meaning the door will take longer to break down and giving more players time to get inside the bank.
11) Trap 1 - Added a Health override to kill any players who get stuck in the trap and not killed.
12) Trap 2 is now hidden under the carpet of the newly redecorated back office. It is also slightly longer than before.
13) Trap 6 - The blast radius for the bomb has been increased. It should still be survivable, but less so.
14) Fixed the sound not playing when the second staller door opens.
15) Traps 8 + 9 - Added 'Pick which side kills' decals, and recoloured the buttons to Blue.
16) The Safety deposit boxes (where you look for the golden key) no longer insta-kill, and deal a fixed 75hp damage. All classes should be able to survive looking in at least 2 boxes.
17) Gaben is now triggered 10 seconds after the Vault doors are opened, and moves 20% faster.
18) Trap 9 - Set the buttons to instantly activate the trap. Previously this only primed which side would be fatal.
19) Trap 9 - Increased the damage of the toxic pit from a base damage of 2, to a base damage of 10 (Doubling with Forgiveness). Players will also be ignited.
20) The bomb placed on the vent bars has been made stronger, encouraging players to move further away.
21) Trap 11 - The fan/furnace will kill quicker thanks to a trigger_ignite brush to fix broken 'IgnitePlayer' inputs.
22) Trap 11 - Made the breakable glass slightly stronger, requiring more of a team effort to survive.
23) Trap 11 - Replaced the 6 mini-health kits with a 'First Aid' station next to the breakable window
24) Trap 12 - Replaced the flickering lighting with particles and sound effects.
25) Added a 3rd staller door
26) Trap 17 - The fire is replaced by the rainblower fire effect during Halloween / Smissmas.
27) Trap 18 - The 'Shoop-da-Whoop' mega laser now has a mild pull and stun effect.
28) Added a 19th trap!
29) Added a trigger_hurt brush to the underside of the minigame crusher. The brush is 1hu wider then the crusher sides and is only enabled while the crusher is going down. This is intended to catch any players just on the edge of a brush and appearing to float over a broken brush.
30) Added trigger_ignite brushes to fix broken 'IgnitePlayer' inputs.
31) When players pick the humiliation ending, red players will be scattered around the viewing area rather than be bunched up in a single spot.
32) Added more speed strips for Blue. Not all of the map has them, only in select areas
33) Removed the top part of the wall in the computer room, allowing blue more movement.
34) Some minor lighting and texture optimizations.
V12a Change log
Fixed a clipping issue near trap 4
2) Fixed a missing texture
3) Fixed the alarm bells volume, adding in a couple extra commands to stop the sound one players reach certain points.
4) Fixed the button blocker for trap a8 not being killed alongside the button when disabled in easy mode.
V12 Change log
Made the buttons to both Staller doors 'Touch' and '+use' activated.
2) Nearly all sounds are now called via a 'SoundScript' for better audio control.
3) Added 'AddOutput Health 1' overrides to all 'trigger_hurt' brushes where the player should die instantly. All others use 'Doubling with Forgiveness' to counter super high HP players.
4) Disabled physics on all 'trigger_hurt' brushes so that player ragdolls aren't catapulted around the map.
5) Added randomisation to the Easy mode system. Now the map will randomly select which traps get disabled, rather than it being the same set traps.
6) In easy mode, disabled traps will turn green in form to indicate they have been disabled as well as the on screen message.
7) Added appropriate Kill icons to some traps.
8) Replaced some props with new versions that have improved LODs
9) Added a 12th Humiliation outcome.
10) Added Pride™.
V11 Change log
Fixed players being able to trigger the staller buttons from the side with the 'Wrap Assassin'
2) Set the key prop to be invisible until the moment the correct box is found, preventing spectating players from cheating.
3) Added map-wide func_nobuild and func_nogrenades zones. These both existed in previous versions but only over select areas. Now the whole of the red area is covered, with the func_nogrenades set to filter against Red team.
4) Added trigger_remove_tf_player_condition brushes over certain traps, because who allows Demomen to cheat death, or lets Spies cloak and disguise?!
5) Added a win trigger to the humiliation chamber. Should death somehow not die to any of the events, Red will still win the game.
6) Replaced some of the training_annotation's with env_sprite_oriented's.
7) Added a 'Dissolve' effect to various traps, which will make player ragdolls dissolve as if hit by a Neon Annihilator. (This also helps optimise the map a little)
8) Altered the teleport to the Keypad. Idling in the booth will now teleport those players to the back of the room. Players who enter the wrong code will now be Dissolved.
9) Added a particle effect to the code booth for when idle players are removed from it.
10) Added an 11th possible humiliation event.
DR_Bank_V10 Change Log.

1) Hopefully fixed the lag / stuttering issues. This was probably caused by 'Bone Followers' being enabled on the new Gaben prop. All props that do not need 'Bone Followers' have had the setting disabled.
2) Fixed players being able to block the both sets of staller doors.
  • For the first door an 'No entry' wall will be in place until the doors are fully open.
  • For the second door players will get teleported back a short way into the corridor they came from.
3) Added func_clip_vphysics clipping over the Staller door buttons.
4) Changed some rotating items to use func_rotating.
5) Added a new particle effect to Traps 4 (the fan trap) and 11 (vent fan) to visualise air being sucked in.
6) (Trap 11) The fan in the vent trap will now over accelerate while active.
7) Fixed various packing issues, including the 2 trail sprites not being packed and various default models being packed in.
8) Replaced Blue's glass floor with a better texture that is soundless, less reflective and shows more of the world underneath.
9) Nerfed the intensity of the lighting effects used water tank trap as this cause a significant FPS drop even on high end PCs.
10) Compressed various sound files.
11) Smoothed out the barrel for the barrel trap, adding in a visible source of the trap.
12) Made sure all doors have a blocking damage of 99999.
13) All trigger_hurt brushes that are meant to instantly kill the player now deal 99999 damage and will force the players health to 1 on contact.
14) Fixed the trigger_hurt brush for the toxic waste humiliation accidentally healing the players faster than it did damage by it repeatedly setting the players health back to 100.
15) Fixed the road in spawn using reflections.
16) Retextured various parts of the map still using HL2 textures.
17) Upgraded Trap 14 (Shoop-da-whoop) with a new particle effect.
18) Fixed the health packs not spawning when the window out of the lava is broken.
19) Added a 10th possible event in the Humiliation Chamber.
20) Removed the HDR lighting, reverting back to LDR lighting. The map didn't use any high contrast lighting that made good use of of the HDR effects. Instead I have given some items higher detailed lightmap scales for better bumpmap shadows.
21) Minor optimization, notably adding fade distances on small props such as the light models and door handles.
22) (Trap9) Nerfed the damage output in the toxic waste pools to give quick thinking players a chance to escape.
DR_Bank_V8a Change Log
This is identical to the V8 update, it only fixes bugs in the previous version.
1) Fixed the code system
2) Fixed some missing sounds.
DR_Bank_V8 Change Log
Fixed missing particle effects.
2) Re-made the code displays to use ToggleTexture brushes instead of multiple func_brush's per digit, saving a lot of entities.
3) Fixed an issue where red players could get stuck in the 2nd trap.
4) Reversed the 2nd staller door so now it opens inward instead of outward, but slowed it's speed by 30% to compensate.
5) Re-textured the main Vault doors.
6) Re-made all of the custom textures and decals.
7) Minor optimizations.

I'm also adding on the V7 change log, which I had forgotten to upload here when updating the map from V6 to V7:
DR_Bank_V7 Change Log
Replaced the Gaben model with a different model, as I was unable to fix the missing hair. The map now uses this model - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=124849648
2) Fixed spies being able to get past Gaben by disguising, waiting next to the sentries in the vault, then leaving though the vault door as Gaben passes. (Though really we should blame lazy server owners for allowing spies to disguise in Deathrun)
3) Added melee damage filters to the following buttons:
  • The first red button to stalling doors (beside the fan trap) to prevent players from shooting the button outside of the fan trap's range.
  • The buttons to the barrel trap, to prevent both buttons being activated at the same time.
  • The buttons to the toxic waste trap inside the vault, again to prevent both buttons being activated at the same time.
  • The buttons to the code pad.
4) Fixed players being able to trigger the explosion particle effect for the barrel traps by dropping weapons onto them. This did not cause any damage to players in previous versions, but fixed none the less.
5) Converted some func_detail geometry into prop_static's
6) Removed the Freerun button.
7) Updated the Pitfall trap (2nd trap)

8) Added numbers to the tops of buttons to indicate their order of use.
9) Fixed a couple of texture errors.
10) Fixed the bad lighting around the DDoS trap (15th trap)
11) Replaced the healing beam the activates when players break the glass to the firepit with 6 small health packs. These de-spawn after 10 seconds.
12) Added new detailing inside the fire pit:

13) Converted all remaining .mp3 files to .wav
14) Added some alternate songs to the Humiliation disco.
15) Created a new key prop and used it to replace the golden wrench. The supporting text has been updated to reflect the change, and added a padlock over the doors to the code booth.
16) Added the new tf_glow effect to various props in the map to aide players. This includes adding a glow to Gaben so that players can see where he is.
17) Updated the effects in the mini game, including a momentary stun effect which only applies when the crusher slams down.
18) Updated the credit signs to include newer URL's and assets not previously credited.
DR_Bank_V6 Change Log
1) Fixed an exploit where red players could hide in a corner to avoid Gaben.
2) Fixed the 'no entry' decal on the one way door (in the lobby)
3) Added an output to override the health of both players inside the fighting area. This will force both players to have 100hp, regardless of class or items held.
4) Swapped some func_detail filing cabinets with a custom prop. ("Filling Cabinet" by Rexy - http://tf2maps.net/resources/file-cabinets.576/)
5) Further sealed up the barrels trap, preventing anyone from triggering the barrels dropping early.
6) Updated the blue running path with a scrolling texture.
7) Re-textured the basement hallways and DOND rooms.
8) Fixed parts of the main entrance doors sometimes moving independently of their parent parts.
9) Made the end game countdown timer more visible.
10) Minor optimization.