DR_4Halls V7

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Global Changes.
Compressed all sound files, converting them to .mp3 unless looping.
2) Nearly all sounds are now called via a 'SoundScript' for better audio control.
3) Disabled 'Bone Followers' on all props as none needed this enabled.
4) Replaced the glass in Blue's tunnel with a custom low-alpha and low-reflectivity glass. Blue players should have a better view of the map around them.
5) All traps now turn either turn green in some way or have parts visibly disappear when players approach, to indicate they have been disable in easy mode. The existing 'training_annotation' notices are still in use, but these only appear for a few seconds.
6) Added 'AddOutput Health 1' overrides to all 'trigger_hurt' brushes where the player should die instantly. All others use 'Doubling with Forgiveness' to counter super high HP players.
7) Disabled physics on all 'trigger_hurt' brushes so that player ragdolls aren't catapulted around the map.
8) Added Dissolver death effects to where appropriate (traps with laser or electric type deaths)
9) Replaced the 'trigger_hurt' in the water of the 1st hall with 'func_croc', as well as adding visible crocodiles.
10) Added '$nodecal to the red wood and metal textures, preventing player sprays on the majority of the course.
11) Reoriented all the spawn points in red spawn to face the door.
12) Increased the display times for various text messages.
13) Remade various text decals to make them easier to see (white text with black outline).
14) Lowered the height of the spectator cameras and added a longer delay before they are disabled when the last player in any given hall is killed off.
15) Updated the credits sign (No more "3rd part content"!) and added a 'Special thanks' sign.
16) Added Pride™
17) Changed the Sky texture and added a 'env_sun'.

Player Management
Restored Seeman's explosive kill from his V1 incarnation. When Seeman kills a player it will trigger explosives around him for the few seconds his is stationary.
19) Seeman now uses an appropriate kill icon.
20) Added a text notification for when Seeman arrives. This coincides with his entrance music playing.
21) Seeman will now walk around traps as appropriate, rather than clipping through them.
22) Changed when Seeman will arrive. Previously this was 2:30 after round start, now it is 2:00 after the 3rd trap has been opened. This is to help prevent the Death player stalling by failing to open the trap. (Also see below, #30.)
23) Removed the gas effect from Spawn. Players will simply be dissolved when Seeman enters.
24) Renamed the 'Freerun' button to the 'A.I. Mode' button, to make it clearer what will happen. When it is pressed, all trap buttons will be disabled and the map will take over control. Blue will be able to watch the other players but cannot effect the traps.
25) Overhauled the AI system. The map now used a more complex system of logic_timers, trigger brushes and altered chance rates try create a more human like AI. This will never replace a good player, but it can at least replace an AFK player.

Trap Changes
Trap 1 - Redesigned the ramp to add a conveyor belt and removing the Demoman charge effect. This was to give it a source of what is throwing players over the map. Also added a giant net to give the appearance of something catching the player afterwards.

27) Trap 2 - Made the front of trap invisible to Blue players so they have a better idea of how the trap will operate.
28) Trap 3 - Added glass walls to the sides so that there is a visible source of blockage. Previously this was done with just invisible clipping brushes.
29) Trap 3 - The doors now swing outwards.

30) Trap 3 - Added a trigger to force a door to be picked in the event that blue decides try stall by not picking one. This will be indicated with a sound and text notification.
31) Trap 4 - Set the spikes to be invisible until the moment they pop up from the floor.
32) Trap 5 - Changed the gas effect to be a 'Heat haze', and for the explosion that follows to happen at a random time anywhere between 2-6 seconds after the gas first leaks.
33) Trap 5 - The explosions have also been made more powerful to counter Heavies with the fists of steel.
34) Trap 6 - Adjusted the lighting settings for the platform.
35) Trap 6 - Added the 'Gas Passer' effect to the inside of the furnace to help Pyro's die quicker.
36) Trap 7 - Replaced the two 2fort bomb crates with higher definition alternatives from the Frontline pack.
37) Trap 8 - Added a large pylon structure above the trap to have a visible source of what blocks players jumping over.

38) Trap 8 - Added wires connecting the 6 platforms with the structure above, and changed the death type to electric.
39) Trap 9 - Added a particle effect.
40) Trap 10 - Moved the boxes closer together so players can't avoid them by standing in the middle.
41) Trap 11 - Added a glass wall to prevent jumpers.
42) Trap 11 - Lowered the move speed of the pusher by 10%.
43) Trap 11 - Added a slippery surface to the balance beam, and made the beam thinner.

44) Trap 13 - Updated the decoy sandvich to use the plated version, and retextured the 'cage'.
45) Trap 14 - Added a Medic carrying a medigun standing behind the Demoman, and added the appropriate sound and particle effects to simulate the medic applying the Uber effect to the Demoman.

46) Trap 14 - Added construction cones, tape and sign to warning about possible "demolition".
47) Trap 15 - Moved the trains back and set their doors to open outwards. Also added safety walls over the track.

48) Trap 15 - Added a trigger to force a train to be picked in the event that blue decides try stall by not picking one. This will be indicated with a sound and text notification.
48) Trap 15 - Fixed a missing sound.
50) Trap 16/17 - Replaced the 'env_laser' beams with particle based effects. Also added clipping over the sides of the frame to prevent players from jumping over to them.

51) Nerfed the lasers by having each disable once they have killed a player, making it easier for subsequent players passing though.
[h1]V6 Change log:[/h1]
1) Fixed players not dying to the lava in the 3rd hall.
2) Moved the source of the particle effects so they are properly visible (half of the effect was under the map)
3) Fixed the missing particle effects in the VSH version
4) Added a tf_glow effect to the motivator. This allows players to see where he is at all times.
5) Updated a few minor textures.

Somehow I never updated this download to V6, even though I updated the Steam Workshop and Gamebanana versions. So now finally, all downloads should be on the same version.
V5 Change log:
1) Added a map-wide func_nogrenades zone to the map. This will prevent all rocket and sticky jumping attempt, preventing players from bypassing sections of the map.
2) Updated the lava texture used in the 3rd hall.
3) Added steam particle effects in the 3rd hall.
4) Fixed the missing particle effect from water in the 4th hall.
5) Added a BlockBullets wall between the end of the winner platform and the losers cage. This will stop the blue being able to shoot at the reds on servers where weapons are allowed.
6) Added a BlockBullets wall across the middle of the BHOP arena. This will stop both teams from firing at each other on servers where weapons are allowed.
7) Expanded the trigger_stun zone in the cage to match the blocked off area.
8) Trap 14 (Spamming Demoman) - Reduced the number of grenades fired by the demoman from 30 to 20.
9) Updated the credits sign