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Downward b2

Made by Fmrunga

  1. Fmrunga

    Description: The first two caps have a lot of height differences, with a track that continuously slopes downward. The second cap has a zig-zag type of track, which then passes through a rather narrow passageway into the final cap, which has a very open area.

    Anyway, I hope the map will be somewhat fun to play, despite it being my first.

    Note: map doesn't have a skybox as of yet. [​IMG]


    1. pl_downward_a1.jpg
    2. pl_downward_A2.jpg
    3. pl_downward_b1.jpg
    4. pl_downward_b2.jpg
    5. pl_downward_C.jpg
    6. pl_downward_start.jpg