Doublecap a7

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Doublecap a7

3cp but with two mids, so 4cp

This is concept map for new type of cp: both teams have one own point on their bases and then there is 2 mid points which are required to cap enemies's control point. Kinda 3cp but with two middle points.

This is very hard to balance (at least with bots) so here's little bit information how map works:

Respawn times

At the beginning of each round both teams have 5 sec respawn time. When team captures one of the middle points (no matter which one) that team will get 5 sec respawn time and enemy team 8 sec. Always the team which made the latest mid cap will have 5 sec and other team 8 sec.

When you own both mid points your team have still 5 sec respawn time but enemy team will have 10 sec. That's because otherwise round would never end.

Round clock

Round starts with 30 sec setup time and then teams have 2 minutes to cap both mid points. When one team owns both mid points, clock resets to 2 min. In that 2 minutes, team 1 has to cap last or team 2 to capture both mid points (when clock resets to 2 min again).


Then little bit about theme I'm planning to do. As you can see there is jungle trees. Main theme will be foggy jungle evening. Most of the buildings will be
dilapidated slum buildings. But then the middle building (both parts) will be as shiny and futuristic as possible. I think that would make nice contrast.

I will try to come up with better name. I'm not native english speaker so I am really bad at inventing map names. Please suggest something! Quickly!

ToDo: clipping, take new screenshots, maybe add healths
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Small changes, a8 will be major update

    a7 -Remade B area and connectors
  2. Fixing

    a6 -Fixed couple of things
  3. Mainly performance fix update

    a6 -Optimised visleaves -Set drawdistances for most of the props -Func_detailed little bit -Mid points take longer to cap -Removed upscaled prop_dynamic haybales -Removed barrelcluster due to possible fps loss -Fixed one nodraw