Domination Prefab 2015-08-30

Made by TheBladeRoden

  1. TheBladeRoden

    *updated 8/26/08*

    This has been updated to reflect new gameplay additions for dom_complex.

    -starting neutral gray signs (requires these models

    -Red has a new starting base

    -Setup time to allow map travel before points unlock

    -Owning more points means shorter spawn times for your team

    -CP capture time increased to 10 during normal play

    -CP cap time decreased to 5 during jailbreak mode to allow the smaller amount of players a better chance at comeback.

    -A team will instantly (aside from deathcam) respawn when leaving jail, but will soon return to the slow respawn time 1 CP normally gives them.

    *updated 4/13/08*

    -Added control point arrows

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