dom_pigzit72hr2020 a3v4

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dom_pigzit72hr2020 a3v4

2020 72hr Jam submission that takes place on a harbor in a large city

20200907101027_1.jpg My 72hr Jam submission for 2020, this map takes place on a harbor in a large city. Uses the domination gamemode made by Jack5

Domination gamemode:
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 3 Version 4

    Elevators outside of A now do kill damage when player is trapped underneath Lighting has been adjusted across dark hallways in middle Cap times have been changed --A to 12 seconds --B to 10 seconds --C to 10 seconds Plain walls have been given...
  2. Alpha 3 Version 3

    Added new cover to B elevator and B second floor Opened main route from spawns to A and C Hallowed two lower cargo containers on C capture point Added elevators to outer platforms on A Widened parking lot and drop off zone outside spawns Added...