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dm_renegade a1

The angles oh god the angles!

  1. Jameson
    A large FFA Deathmatch map for Open Fortress that can accommodate 24 players

    This map is designed around fluid speed and Afps elements. Some grates and glass panes are breakable while ladders are climbable. I'm open to layout changes and any feedback you may have in the comments :)

    Renegade is inspired by dm_deadlock & dm_knoxx

    Custom Assets & Credits:
    London Pack
    Construction pack
    fgd5_more_vehicles pack
    Frontline Pack
    Various Open Fortress assets

    Neutral Shipping Containers: by Urban

    Extra info:

    Weapon Spawns:

    • -Flamethrower: 1
    • -Gauntlets: 1
    • -GrenadeL: 2
    • -Revolver: 2
    • -Dynamite: 1
    • -Tommygun: 1
    • -Railgun: 1
    • -Rocket: 1
    • -LG: 2
    • -Nail: 2
    • -SSG: 1
    • -SG: 2
    • -AR: 1

    Powerup Spawns:

    -Crit Damage: 120s respawn, 60s start delay, 30s Duration
    -Invisibility: 120s respawn, 50s start delay, 40s Duration
    -Shield: 120s respawn, 40s start delay, 30s Duration
    -Mega Health: 120s respawn, 30s start delay


    On hiatus for now but I'll eventually get around to clipping and balancing for A2. On top of removing a few custom assets to reduce the file size.

    hl2_XMxeftkxW7.jpg hl2_XMFIKnULhg.jpg hl2_5e0W2sWGQu.jpg hl2_0Kypeek0Rb.jpg hl2_XMxeftkxW7.jpg hl2_A7AoQjrymB.jpg hl2_Szf6fedJqY.jpg hl2_qM1WSrDkrZ.jpg hl2_vN3C64JjF2.jpg hl2_ojLyE3qvGB.jpg hl2_n8Uz9zYnZc.jpg hl2_xn9tFecGwa.jpg