DIY Banner with custom skins 1.0

Color a Bannersaur

  1. Tumby
    The C-banner from degrootkeep. Recompiled to allow up to 8 (0 to 7) skins.

    Use the provided images to properly make your own texture(s) and save them anywhere within the materials filepaths that you want. Texture files must obviously be VTF. Edit the VMTs (path: materials/models/props_tumb/diy_banner) to reference your texture instead of the original one. You only need to edit as many as you have made textures for.

    Install by extracting the folder "DIYBanner" to tf/custom or by merging it's contents with the tf folder directly. It's your choice how you organize your custom assets.

    You do not need to reference me on the workshop or anywhere else. I haven't made the original files and I barely did a thing anyways.


    1. BannerUV.png
    2. BannerOriginal.png

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  1. Mystic Monkey
    Mystic Monkey
    Version: 1.0
    Helped me out greatly!
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    Version: 1.0