Multi Stage Dixie22 s1 a8a

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Multi Stage Dixie22 s1 a8a

I gave up on payload

Dixie is a 3 stage attack/defend CP map based on Dixie National Forest in USA, Utah. Currently only the first stage exists. My objective with this map is to have 6 CPs without feeling bloated - like Dustbowl, but with more open-ended gameplay.
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. s1 a8a

    A: -removed funny window
  2. s1 a8

    A: -no changes B: -reworked red spawn and entry to point to feel more natural and separate main path from sentry nest -flipped locations of basement and art gallery for thematic reasons -opened basement route into sentry nest -subtle adjustments...
  3. s1 a7

    A: -removed a health/ammo combo from canyon to make holds of A from the canyon more difficult -changed health and ammo in low ground near point to mediums to give red some more resources for defense B: -pushed point further into room and to low...