Dixie a10

you push the cart and then win or lose depending on the cart pushing

  1. a9

    -route to warehouse now comes from basement, is wider, and longer, which should make it less ambush-friendly
    -route to pool room is further away from pool
    -added route from upper room to rotate into warehouse
    -removed full health
    -moved medium ammo inside
    -added medium health by ammo
    -made upper roof exit wider
    -reworked stairwell

    -removed blue side doorway into building inside of warehouse
    -moved medium ammo into building
    -added staircase up to platform from track area
    -opened area underneath stairs
    -added medium health/ammo under stairs
    -route to pool room is further away from pool and has less of a height advantage
    -moved small health/ammo inside

    -added more stairs up to A long flank red side
    -moved full ammo by A choke to the roofed area
    -made pool room longer to provide a larger fighting space around the track
    -made warehouse longer
    -reworked upper warehouse room red side stairs to be 2:3 slope instead of 1:1
    -adjusted red spawn to hopefully be less campable??
    -adjusted ramp in blue spawn so you can't get caught on it
    -added small ammo near DIXIE sign
    -added small health to basement room near loading dock
    -added small health to upper warehouse room
    -fixed weird fence
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