Dixie a10

you push the cart and then win or lose depending on the cart pushing

  1. a6

    quick update for any potential testing later today. more substantial changes are planned (last needs some big changes), but they'll take at least a day or two to actually make.

    -removed medium health near tracks because it was in a weird spot
    -moved full ammo by A sentry nest further away, changed health to a medium so that its more useful to everyone (also to make up for missing health pack mentioned on previous bullet point)
    -changed medium health by A short flank to a small
    -changed medium ammo by A short flank (blue side) to a small, moved it to be next to health in same area
    -moved small ammo on A short flank bridge to red side, changed to medium ammo
    -changed medium ammo on A long flank to a small
    -moved medium ammo on B long flank to a spot that isn't hidden from red team
    -moved small health/ammo combo near B main blue side slightly further away from wall, which is very significant

    -removed barrels on B long flank's blue side entry, added a barrel outside of same doorway to somewhat block the same sightline
    -adjusted A short flank roof to look less accessible, made short A flank a bit wider in the process
    -adjusted stairs in short A flank because I wanted to put a handrail on them i guess?? also very significant
    -clipped B main roofs (they were supposed to be this way in the first place)
    -brought far wall of cart entry area back inwards to make things a bit more snug, which should make it a tiny bit harder to hold blue in spawn

    no screenshots because im lazy (changes are minor anyways)
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