Ditch A4

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-Spawn is no longer in the large building between mid and point, rather behind the large wall behind point, where it exits inside the side point building and on the other far side of the point
-Spawn is actually normal

NO-LONGER-A-SPAWN BUILDING (let's call it "long room," for now):
-Previous spawn building no longer has doors (except for the one way doors, which now work for both teams) or visualizers
-Previous spawn building now has a glass wall separating the interior into two halves

-The capture area now has two glass blockades at its front
-Added another skyway/hallway thing between the rock choke area and spawn

-Added a ramp leading to the roof of the one-way hallway, to make it less apparent that its a dead end (not that it ever was to begin with; you could climb the truck to get up)

-Slightly widened the foundations of the boat house so players don't get trapped between them and the boat
-Added a kite-shaped player clip under the boat to further prevent people from getting stuck

-Changed the wooden walls covering mid to a building with some walls removed (and a hole in the ceiling)

-Possibly more, I dunno lol

2016-02-20_00001.jpg 2016-02-20_00002.jpg 2016-02-20_00003.jpg 2016-02-20_00004.jpg

-Last points now cap 3 times a slow as before (cap rate now equivalent to 5cp second/fourth CPs)

-Moved spawn entities into a new second floor with a drop down and arrows (but left the resupply downstairs), so players can see all their exit options when they spawn

-Made the sniper rooms MUCH smaller, making them more vulnerable

-Removed the glass from the two windows closest to the sniper rooms, to make the sniper rooms more vulnerable
-Moved the spawnroom visualizer to the door across from the one-way door, and made the same door team-specific, to eliminate the previous dead end

YARD/SHACK (or whatever):
-Added a bridge spanning the heightened shack/tiny room and the staircase building, plus playerclip above, to block demos from flying across the entire map

-Made mid's capture zone MUCH larger than before

-Heightened several buildings so that it makes more sense for them to be playerclipped on top

-Possibly more, I dunno lol

2016-02-13_00001.jpg 2016-02-13_00002.jpg 2016-02-13_00004.jpg 2016-02-13_00005.jpg 2016-02-13_00006.jpg 2016-02-13_00007.jpg 2016-02-13_00008.jpg

-Gamemode is now 3cp instead of 2cp
-Mid caps like a normal 5cp mid; slowly, and last caps like a normal 5cp map; quickly

-Mid now has an actually midpoint (with cover walls)
-Boat has been moved into the boathouse
-The full health and small ammos now rest on the boat instead of a plank
-Remove medium health kit where the boat used to be
-The part of the playerclip brush enveloping the boathouse's giant wall of wooden planks is now an invis brush, to allow blast jumping off of it

-Spawn has a new exit door directly adjacent to the respawn room
-Added arrows just outside these new doors that point towards mid
-Spawn entities have been rotated to face this new door

ALLEYWAY WITH TRUCK (plus the upper sniper room):
-Moved medium healthpack away from the truck, so it makes more sense
-Added a steep-sloped building directly below the windows of the sniper room, so you don't take fall damage on the way down through it

-Other changes, I dunno lol

2016-02-12_00001.jpg 2016-02-12_00002.jpg 2016-02-12_00003.jpg 2016-02-12_00004.jpg 2016-02-12_00005.jpg
The boat is now visible (as in, I actually packed the custom content correctly this time).

That is all.