Distribute a9

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Distribute a9

An industrial area centered around a culvert.

Many years ago, the two Mann brothers both got swindled into purchasing a massive culvert at half price. Little did they know that they'd be sharing the property- and that's where you come in.

Two Mann. One Pipe. You already know what happens next.

Features content from the Japan pack, Frontline pack & London pack. Credit goes to the authors of these content packs.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. A9

    Update notes: + Completely overhauled spawn lobbies (again). Now further away from point. + More more more detailing! + Changed grate-platform on mid. I am happy with how it is now. I will not change it. + Configured ammo and health packs. +...
  2. Name change.. again.

    - Name changed to koth_distribute
  3. A8

    Update notes: + Lower route is now a building. + Lower LOWER route is no longer a dead end. + Lighting is better now. + Added and removed some details + Connected mid route and lower route. Flankers and retreating players no longer have to pass...