Dirty Bricks

Dirty Bricks Alpha 3C

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Dirty Bricks Alpha 3C

A KOTH map in the desert

This is a KOTH map set in the generic desert area you see in all the old TF2 maps.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. A tiny adjustment (Alpha 3C)

    -Raised the front of the cliff a bit -Altered the cliff cover to fit the new height -Reduced the time it takes to cap -Fixed some clipping -Did a bit more optimization
  2. Into Alpha 3B (minus the Alpha 3)

    I skipped Alpha 3 because I made a tiny mistake about forgetting lighting in the new building extension and just felt like making the change a part B to Alpha 3 because I can. -Fixed the KoTH timer (The small bits always catch me out) -Added a...
  3. Now in Alpha 2

    -Altered the walls to the mid building for slightly more cover -Added some barrels in order to allow climbing from the lower route -Increased the size of the ammopack on the left route -Added some rocks to mid for more cover -Moved the lower...