dieseledrock a4

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- added a ... something above the point (maybe to prevent people flying)
- train route is now too high to climb to (makes it sorta one-way)
- balcony deleted, since noone used it.
- some brush adjustment

Now. Probably this will not work. but I still at least want to try this. if little to nothing changes, the bigger revamp will be nessecary.
At least I can try, I guess
The mid was quite overhauled:
- the left route is direclty below the train now
- slight changes were made to the right side
- the train has a dirt wagons between flatcar and normal wagons. They're slightly smaller so it's harder to jump from them to the mid.
The main issue with previous version was that the train was kinda redundant. It didn't really changed much in gameplay. And the mid was hard to cap being the highest point. I tried to do something with it. Also the left route is right above the train now. It can grant an full access to the point if the enemy capped it. Maybe that'll do the trick...


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-some train changes (1 flatcar instead of 2)
-the low route was widened, while the left route was... thinned? (I don't know what word should I use)
-the train and the point were slightly lowered
- annoying blockades under the point were deleted
- some extra small ramps to the train and a high route was added

I quite don't like the amount of props that are right now, but They actualy make some routes so I'll have to probably make some new map sections for that. I'm not exactly sure tho. Also the point is hard to recap since the height. I'll see after test.