Desert of Mann 0.1.0

Desert in new gamemode

  1. LordofCreepers
    Mercenaries now in this forgotten sandland, crossed with one river which falls on multiple platforms of desert like on stairs. Main task of our "friends" - disable generator of enemy team by destroying power cores with all-round-map activaiting bombs. Just do it


    1. ctf_desert_of_mann0000.png
    2. ctf_desert_of_mann0001.png
    3. ctf_desert_of_mann0003.png
    4. ctf_desert_of_mann0004.png
    5. ctf_desert_of_mann0005.png
    6. ctf_desert_of_mann0006.png
    7. ctf_desert_of_mann0007.png
    8. ctf_desert_of_mann0008.png
    9. ctf_desert_of_mann0009.png
    10. ctf_desert_of_mann0010.png