Desert of Mann 0.1.0

Desert in new gamemode

  1. TH3 D34DL3$$
    Mercenaries now in this forgotten sandland, crossed with one river which falls on multiple platforms of desert like on stairs. Main task of our "friends" - disable generator of enemy team by destroying power cores with all-round-map activaiting bombs. Just do it


    1. ctf_desert_of_mann0000.png
    2. ctf_desert_of_mann0001.png
    3. ctf_desert_of_mann0003.png
    4. ctf_desert_of_mann0004.png
    5. ctf_desert_of_mann0005.png
    6. ctf_desert_of_mann0006.png
    7. ctf_desert_of_mann0007.png
    8. ctf_desert_of_mann0008.png
    9. ctf_desert_of_mann0009.png
    10. ctf_desert_of_mann0010.png