Desert Bus

Desert Bus rc2

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After having seen plr_desertbus_rc1 played out on various trusted community servers with seasoned veteran players playing under their best conditions and several competitive 6s players giving me their feedback on it, I have decided to make adjustments to the map.

I think the balancing is absolutely solid, at first I thought it was ever so slightly RED favored given the sun's direction and it's potential to blind players, however as it turns out that wasn't a big deal at all. The average winrate so far is a clean 50/50 (Out of 0 finished matches)

Having bought a train ticket from germany straight to NA I have also asked for guidance of various TF2 celebrities such as b4nny who gave me his blessing.

The following changes might be controversial given the map's utter perfection at the moment but for the sake of experimentation and pushing mapping as a whole forward I have decided to update the map.

I hope you can forgive me.

- map's HDR no longer burns your eyelids