Desert Bus

Desert Bus rc2

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Desert Bus rc2

The desertbus experience, now in TF2.

Introducing Payload Race Desertbus - the definitive Desertbus experience ported straight into TF2.


- Anti-AFK pushing mechanics: Standing on top or infront of the payload results in the player being pushed slightly to the side to prevent players from just sitting on the payload and then going AFK, similar to the original game, you gotta stay on your toes!

- Punishment for not pushing: The entire payload track is rollback, which means that the moment the payload isn't being pushed, it instantly starts rolling backwards!

- An incredibly slow payload: Given the map is already using the max size a TF2 map can be, to atleast get to 1 hour of pushing time, the payload has been slowed down by 80%! However; Teamwork makes the dreamwork - pushing the payload as a team still makes it go faster!

- No Timer: Given players will need several attempts, the map does not have a timelimit whatsoever.

- Heartbreaking, despair inducing combat: Given it is payload race and with the above rules in mind, make every life count! Who will get their payload to the enemy spawn first? Who will have to see it roll all the way back?

So what are you waiting for? Get your bsp of plr_desertbus_rc1 today and start pushing!

[This is a joke map]

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