Delivery A9

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-game doesn't go on forever once the timer runs out anymore

-super minor details
-Map is no longer any sort of ctf and instead 3cp (may change based on feedback)
-Map now takes place at night
-Lots of minor bits added in more solid areas
- Map is no longer koth/ctf hybrid due to negative feedback
- stretched out base courtyard to house a new flag capturepoint
- New flank route added
- Minor tweaks (mostly to due with the skybox)
-Redid spawns: doors were moved back to the first building for engineers and raised the floor to reduce sniper sights.

-Redid how capturing works: The flag now must be held for 45 seconds, dropping the flag will reset the timer, and the dropped flag will become neutral halfway through the drop time.

-Added more small details


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-Added a new doorway to try and open up the long hall out of spawn
-Very minor details
-Fixed up some textures and collision
-Small visual tweaks
-Changed the texture of the center building to a more neutral color
-Updated the borders on the roof
-Added and moved some signs
-tweaked some props
-added new signs
-tweaked spawn

-Flag now must be held in the marked zone, if the flag is brought out the timer will pause until returned
-Added a new spawn route
-Re-balanced health and ammo
-Adjusted collision on ramps
-Decreased set-up time
-Replaced crates in sewers with a ramp
-Added signs


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