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Deliverance b3

By Shmitz

  1. Shmitz

    Gametype: Capture the Flag (INVADE)
    Players: 12-32
    Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major
    E-mail: shmitz@gmail.com
    Version: 0.3.0

    Other credits:
    Extra track piece models by III_Demon

    In this CTF variant, there is a neutral flag that both teams fight over. To score a point, your team must take the flag to the ENEMY's base.


    1. ctf_deliverance_b3_redspawn.jpg
    2. ctf_deliverance_b3_bludrill.jpg
    3. ctf_deliverance_b3_blumid.jpg
    4. ctf_deliverance_b3_redmid.jpg
    5. ctf_deliverance_b3_redcave.jpg
    6. ctf_deliverance_b3_ortho.jpg