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Defuse Prefab a1b


Prefab for a new game type I came up with (with help from chat (mostly one person whose name I forget because I'm terrible)).
Basically CS:GO defuse, but in TF2.

How it works:
Red owns one control point and must prevent Blu from carrying the flag to the control point and capturing it. If Blu does capture the control point, Red has to reclaim it within 90 seconds. Red wins by preventing Blue from capturing the control point initially or reclaiming it. Blue wins by capturing and holding the control point until time runs out.
Blu can capture the point in 12 seconds, while Red takes 24 seconds because Blu must have the flag in the capture area while capturing and Red recapturing it is an instant win for them.

Known problems I can't prevent:
The HUD is messed up: The point icon appears locked even though Blu can capture it due to using multiple capture areas.
The point icon is hidden behind the CTF scoring, because the hybrid HUD is borked.
The capture progress jitters, probably due to having two capture areas.
When Blu caps, the announcer says the australium is ready for pick up due to how I forced the australium off the player.

First prefab, so I probably messed something up. In game entities have explanations commented to them if they're doing something funky.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. UI fixish

    -Changed flag type from Resource Control to CTF, fixes the HUD being wacky