Decay (aka Decoy_Event)

Decay (aka Decoy_Event) rc1a

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  • Fixed .nav file
  • Uhm, yes. That's all. Go away now.
  • Added cosmetics to bots, fixed several misspelled/missing names
  • Added water in lower area
  • Bots take ~10HP/s damage in water
  • Added fence in top area so its harder to abuse
  • Added several rocks and huts on left top flank to play area (e.g. unclipped)
  • Changed displacement textures to more gray-ish ones
  • Changed all rocks to their props_forest versions (gray rocks now bois)
  • Increased size of windows in mid building, so you can jump in and out of them
  • Made a proper bomb (e.g. custom model)
  • Added areaportals to boost performance
Special thanks again:

@epicfighter4242 for compiling everything.
@MaccyF for missing forest rocks.

P.S. Satan's Seed is on its way.
Changes based on community feedback from dev3 testing.

Map changes:
  • Moved the holograms by the hatch to the middle of corresponding path
  • Added floodlight at bot spawn
  • Finely tuned hatch - no longer blows on sacrifice and no longer plays pentagram effect on tank deploy
  • Tanks now properly explode if they are on the hatch while deploying
Mission changes:
  • Wave 1
    • Subwave 1 - Decreased amount of Bonk Scouts and Stunner Soldiers
    • Subwave 2 - Decreased amount of Giant Pyro - Giant Medic combos and increased the period of spawns
    • Subwave 3 - Decreased amount of Demoknights
    • Subwave 3 - Crit-boosted the remaining Demoknights
    • Subwave 4 - Removed custom Fast Build Engineers due to bugs (replaced w/ nerfed Valve template)
    • Subwave 4 - Moved the Engineers to support
    • Subwave 4 - Increased amount of Black Box Soldier - Heal-on-hit Heavy squads
  • Wave 2
    • Subwave 1 - Altered the tanks to avoid bug-outs (yet to test)
    • Subwave 2 - Changed Giant Battalion Soldier to Giant Concheror Soldier
    • Subwave 3 - Decreased amount of Armored Giant Sandman Scouts
    • Subwave 4 - Changed Giant Concheror Soldier to Giant Battallion Soldier
  • Wave 3
    • Subwave 1 - Increased amount of Spys, added one Tank, reducing health on both
    • Subwaves 2-7 - Increased amount of bots, general buffs to them
    • Subwave 8 - Buffed the boss to accomodate for higher damage output
  • Fixed inconsitencies between TF2M version and workshop version
  • Added Nightmare difficulty mission (Sweet Sins), untested.
  • Fixed some clipping inconsitencies
  • Fixed some unspookified textures
  • Fixed some out-of-place props/textures
  • Fixed shadows
Now for not fixes:
  • Added "custom" bomb (might look very funky, might need find a modeler to help)
  • "Custom" holograms
  • Added tf_logic_holiday to spook everything eveeen more.
  • Added mission-making differences between normal Decoy and Decay.
No custom missions yet, full-on dev3 would be exactly that.