Debonair A1

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Debonair A1

It's a map that prolly needs work.

I had a really funky dream, and this map was apart of it. I have no idea if it's good, but I thought I'd see if it is.

This is going to be an island map where the beach is NOT a place you want to be (death is a thing that happens, I guess), and it probably needs work. Please, let me know what you think, and tell me how I can improve.


- Lower that point, it's really high :'D
- See if the courtyards actually prevent spawncamping, and if not, eliminate them.
- possibly fudge around with the walls, or add in wrought-iron fences and trigger_hurts, but still allow for players to stand of the walls (nobuilds will also be on the walls, the cement walls apart from the deathpit wall are currently clipped.)
- listen to feedback and build around that too
- maybe play around with the healthpacks if needed
- see if I can make the one-way door by the point a two-way door without engineers being too powerful
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