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Dayspring a14

Push the payload through a sawmill to stop the RED team! Ex-Orphan map

Originally orphaned by DoctorDoomTrain, Dayspring has gotten overhauled and is ready to be played again! I always felt there was a strong base with the orphaned version of the map, so I am so excited that I got to work on it! The last version was a8, I skipped a9 cause starting at a1(0) was kinda funny.
Fault in Maps
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Killed the sightline

    It is dead! The sightline is dead! I kept it in for a good while cause it was a roll over from the original Dayspring, but its become the main complaint for the map overall. So now it is killed. - Fixed some signage and patches - Set the...
  2. Walls on Last

    - Closed up last a little bit. I am really bad at making TF2 maps and dont know what I am doing lol. - Various minor fixes
  3. Correct Upload File this time lol

    I uploaded drylands instead of dayspring for some reason cause I am a tired goofball. This is a correct fix