Davanti A3

3 CP attack/defend with some ideas from TFC Avanti

  1. Layout fixes to improve gameplay

    * Alpha 2 [12/31/2018]

    - Reduced setup time from 85 to 75 seconds
    - Increased respawn wave time for RED
    - Removed lower sewer area
    - Changed the fountain into a tower to reduce straight sight lines at BLU spawn
    - Changed the staircase at BLU spawn
    - Added shortcut route to A for RED
    - Changed staircase between A and B into a one-way route for BLU
    - Added stairs to long flanking route from A to B
    - Slightly increased RED spawn distance at B
    - Reduced capture time for B by 2 seconds
    - Added large health kit underneath B
    - Reduced capture time for C by 1 second
    - Added a grate at C
    - Added a bridge near C
    - Added props for more cover in a few places
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